“Music is the healing force of the world, It’s understood by every man, woman, boy, and girl!”

“I Love Music”, The O’Jays

Music is a powerful force that constantly evolves to represent millions of voices all over the world.

From Africa to America and around the world music has served as the soundtrack to hundreds of social movements such as the Civil, Women’s, and Environmental Rights movements. Music has helped bring inequalities and injustices to light, often times, forcing individuals and/or the government to act upon it.

At UrbanWorld we’re redefining music to be more than just listening— it’s should be an immersive experience. An experience that includes connecting with people, discovery, participation and sharing.

If you’re an artist with an impressive social media buzz and interested in creating music in virtual reality, contact us at info@urbanworldmusic.com

What Is UrbanWorld Music?

The first of its kind platform for Hip Hop artists and Urban Entertainment to create, distribute and monetize in both Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.



With UrbanWorld, artists connect with fans on a whole new level using our Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Our bold and original content that is distributed on UrbanWorld, Samsung, HTC, Sony, and Playstation platforms provide artists with opportunities to promote their brands, gain new fans and monetize!



If you’re an indie record label seeking distribution in VR, then UrbanWorld is your ideal distribution partner!   Labels can create tailored content in VR, distribute globally and monetize with no overhead or hidden fees.

Music Lovers

Music Lovers

Music is no longer only about listening, it’s equally about the​ full​ experience. Music fans connect with their favorite artists​ on UrbanWorld’s immersive music experience in VR. You​ no​ longer just listen and watch, you are now a part of the experience. You can now share, participate and discover​!

Content Creators

Content Creators

We are looking for bold, new and original content! If you are a content creator interested in Virtual Reality, we want to talk to you!

UrbanWorld VR 101 Music Industry Meet Up 2017

Sept 14, Oakland, CA: (David. E Glover Education & Technology Center)

Oct 5, Atlanta, GA: A3C Music Festival (TBD) 

Oct 13, Miami: Revolt Music Conference (TBD)

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